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The Amazing Tea Company

60g | 2.11oz Jamaican Blue Mountain Tea - Special Blend

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Black Tea. An infusion of premium black tea with the best coffee in the world - Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. The best of both worlds for the coffee and tea lover! You will experience the real taste and aroma of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, the best in the world. Once you try real Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, you'll understand why this floral, nutty, smooth, and delicious coffee is so in demand. Ingredients: Black tea, Black tea (pu-erh style), Jamaican blue mountain coffee beans Jamaican Blue Mountain ground coffee, cornflower. Packaging: Stand-up Pouch - Compostable 3ply resealable pouch designed for tea, maintains freshness, enhancing customer loyalty, extended shelf life, reducing inventory risk, and enhances food safety.