Our Story

Bubbly Diaspora was started to bring more positive awareness to international and domestic culture, specifically black culture. In the world there is scattered populations of black culture throughout the world, where Bubbly Diaspora would like to share the attributions through products. I, the founder, Priscillia am American, but have family in Africa, Europe, North America, and the Caribbean. I enjoy domestic and international products, like most, and decided to start a store dedicated to sharing the modernization of heritages throughout the world. When I travel and find different cultural restaurants, especially black-owned restaurants I get excited to see the cultural sharing of food, and the awareness it also brings. Africa, like all places has issues here and there, but with Bubbly Diaspora, we would like to show the modernization of African products, the blending of cultures in African ancestry to innovate or modify products, and the other great domestic American, as I am American, and international products we come across.