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Hair Bonnet - White mud cotton with satin liner

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Comfortable soft Sleeping cap ( Hair bonnet ) with African print. * Made of 100% cotton * Inside made of soft satin * Elastic band. One size fits all. Also done with tangled, dry and broken hair? With our satin sleeping cap, you'll wake up every day with fresh hair. The durable elastic band keeps the sleeping cap neatly in place. The sleeping cap is universal and suitable for any hair type. Benefits of a satin sleeping cap: * Your hair won't rub against your cotton pillowcase. This will make it less likely to break off. * Less chance of tangles and knots. * Satin hardly absorbs moisture. This keeps your hair well hydrated. Keywords: hair bonnet, sleep cap, night cap, night cap, sleep cap, kente print, satin night cap, hair bonnet, hair bonnet, satin bonnet